Any road is mine

Outstanding quality tyres for a budget price

All season

Goldline produces tyres for every season.

Wide range

Goldline produces tyres for every type of vehicle.

Price / Quality

Goldline quality tyres at a competitive price.

Global brand

Goldline sells tyres all over the world.

Goldline banden: Any road is mine

The slogan ‘’Quality tyres for a budget price’’ covers everything where the international tyre brand Goldline stands for: an extensive range of summer, winter and all season budget tyres with a good price-quality ratio. The complete assortment consists of tyres for PCR, UHP, LT, caravans and trailers. In total Goldline offers 220 sizes, from 12 up to 20 inch.

Goldline recommendations

Goldline’s complete range of tyres is available for every season, for every type of vehicle and in a wide range of sizes. We recommend these 3 tyres.

Goldline GLP 101 zomerbanden

Goldline GL 4season

Good driving performance in all weather conditions

Available in 13” to 18”

Goldline IGL 910 zomerbanden

Goldline iGL 910

Sportive tyre with good grip on wet surfaces

Available in 15” to 19”

Goldline GLV-1 zomerbanden

Goldline glv-1

Durable tyre with increased load bearing capacity

Available in 12” to 16”

The 6 advantages of Goldline

Goldline stands out not only with its wide range of tyres, but also in other areas. We have listed the 6 advantages of Goldline.

Global brand

Goldline is a global brand, which means that the brand is sold worldwide and is gaining brand awareness all over the world. Become a dealer!

Private label

Goldline is sold by carefully selected dealers affiliated to the Goldline network.

Wide range

Goldline offers a wide range for all seasons. Overall, the 8 different profiles are available in more than 220 sizes.


Due to its wide availability, Goldline offers a wide range to choose from at all times.


Shandong Hengfeng Rubber & Plastic Co. Ltd. is one of the major tyre manufacturers in China with a very good and reliable reputation all over the world.

Marketing support

Goldline supports dealers in the Goldline network in brand awareness and provides high-quality POS materials and merchandise.