All season

Goldline produces tyres for every season.

Wide range

Goldline produces tyres for every type of vehicle.

Price / Quality

Goldline quality tyres at a competitive price.

Global brand

Goldline sells tyres all over the world.

Goldline GLV-1 zomerbanden


Features & benefits
  • Reduced frictional resistance prevents heat generation.
  • Provides more mileage and reduced rolling resistance.
  • Ensures a quiet comfortable ride.
  • Extra puncture resistance and increased load bearing capacity.
80 Series
155/80R12C88QDD72B Database
155/80R13C90QDD72B Database
165/80R13C94RDD72B Database
185/80R14C102RDD72B Database
75 Series
185/75R16C104RDD72B Database
195/75R16C107RDD72B Database
205/75R16C110RDD72B Database
215/75R16C116RDD72B Database
225/75R16C121RDD72B Database
70 Series
165/70R14C89RDD72B Database
195/70R15C104RDD72B Database
215/70R15C109RDD72B Database
225/70R15C112RDD72B Database
65 Series
175/65R14C90TDD72B Database
195/65R16C104TDD72B Database
205/65R16C107TDD72B Database
215/65R16C109TDD72B Database
225/65R16C112TDD72B Database
235/65R16C115TDD72B Database
50 Series